The long-announced Villain model has arrived and fully justified the high expectations we had. What's more, it wouldn’t be exaggerating if we said that this model is really more than anything we have ever imagined.
January started in the sign of Fugleman and ended in the sign of Villain, so as far as we are concerned, this year is already more than successful.

The model boasts an aggressive posture and design that really has no flaws.
The sporty SSV of the company Segway brings technology focused on its 105 HP twin-cylinder engine. As with other models from the renowned manufacturer's range, Villain has a dual cooling system with high performance.

Get to know all the model configurations.

When it comes to performance, it easily adapts to any terrain, which is standard for this type of sports vehicle. With a suspension of 415 mm forward and 455 rear, together with a stabilizer, the Segway Villain is a true sports car that knows no obstacles. The seats are adjustable, behind the steering wheel is an LCD instrument panel with an adaptive screen. Here you can get all the necessary information. We highlight the two-wheel and four-wheel drive, automatic differential gear lock (rear lock is available as an option).

Another important part of the driving experience that Villain brings is the Smart Moving & Smart Fun system via mobile application, which allows drivers to access vehicle data in real time. This way, you'll have smart interaction with your machine and plenty of options like security settings, driving settings, location maps, wireless connection to the vehicle ... all in real time.

If you want more information about the model, contact our sales team at +38163359999.