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Over the past 20 years, the American company Segway has created many cutting-edge innovative products that have literally changed the world. Segway holds more than a thousand key patents in vehicle design, healthcare, self-balancing technologies, electronically controlled drives, autonomous control and IOT / IOV technologies. 
Segway collaborates and delivers technologies to the world's leading companies such as Ford, BMW, GM, Ferrari, SEAT, Intel, Google, Amazon and others. In 2018, a separate division of Segway Technology Co., Ltd. was established. for research, development, production and sale of off-road vehicles - ATV, SSV and UTV.Huge technological potential, including a major off-road development hub in the U.S., forms the high-quality basis for Segway’s new line of innovative off-road machines.


American entrepreneur, inventor and holder of many honorary academic degrees Dean Kamen founded Segway Inc. in the United States.


2001. Segway Inc. builds its European factory and headquarters in Bedford, UK.


Sales of the first Segway PT personal carrier in the Amazon online store begin. The Segway PT was named “Best New Scientific Invention of the Year” by Popular Science magazine.


2003. Segway signs a prestigious contract with DARPA - the US Department of Defense's agency for advanced research projects that invests in new technologies important to US national security.


2004. Introduced the four-wheeled Segway concept. Equipped with a gyroscope and tilt sensor, the leading American magazine Time Segway Centaur declared it one of the "Best Inventions of 2004".


The Segway XT and Golf Transporter off-road models have been launched. Thanks to the wide tires, these Segways can be easily driven on solid roads and off-road.


The second generation Segway PT model brings InfoKey wireless control and revolutionary LeanSteer technology (turning the steering wheel to the side).


More than 100 PT Segways were used during the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. The main arguments for their use are zero emissions and high respect for the environment.


New Patroller models for police and police are coming to the market. The patrols have since served in the security forces of the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Saudi Arabia and many other countries.


Segway Inc. expands its business model and forms the "Segway Experience Center Program", which offers tourist excursions in collaboration with Segway Inc. It is now becoming an authorized travel agency.


Segway presents ARTI, the latest prototype of the fully robotic mobile platform RMP (Robotics Mobility Platform).


Segway begins production of the Patroller SE-3 wheeled safety force transporter, which stands out for its quality, reliability and innovative anti-roll technology. In the same year, Segway also introduced upgraded i2 SE and x2 SE models.


2015. Segway and Ninebot are strategically connected. The newly established company is focused on the development, production and sale of short-distance passenger transport. The first common product is the revolutionary MiniPRO personal conveyor that allows intuitive operation without manual control. The market capitalization of the new company is over $ 60 billion, which is more than all ATVs combined.


2018. Segway goes offroad. Segway-Ninebot establishes a separate company, Segway Technology Co., Ltd., in the United States. for the development, production and sale of off-road vehicles, ATVs, SSVs and UTVs and other products.


2019. American Segway off-road machines were presented to the public for the first time. At the EICMA exhibition in Milan, new models with classic and completely revolutionary hybrid drives attract special attention.


2020. Segway is entering the field markets in Serbia.
The company's goal is to realize the idea in the shortest possible time and reach up to a billion users of its vehicles worldwide.