More innovative, cleaner, more fun!
Shortly, it is a line of Segway electric scooters and mopeds, which have recently become part of our offer.

The models are equipped with many unique innovations with a multitude of sensors.

Scooters have GPS and remote control. They can be locked remotely, monitored and an alarm can be triggered when the scooter is lost.

The scooter is equipped with an advanced anti-theft system, which is integrated into the complete body of the scooter.

When a vehicle encounters a problem on the road, the scooter automatically sends an SOS to the driver's contact in an emergency.

If the scooter is not used for a long time, it will suggest to the owner to charge the battery, to prevent damage caused by long-term non-use.

The scooter is equipped with a black box like the one in airplanes that records information about the scooter and which can be used as evidence.
The scooter is equipped with Bosch's tenth-generation dual-channel ABS brake for outstanding braking performance.

The scooter is waterproof with IPKS5 and can be driven through water, and the vehicle will allow you to continue driving during floods and storms, which is not typical of most gasoline models.
Segway models are real smart scooters, which connect to a mobile phone to access scooter programs.

The unique golden triangle of balance is responsible for a comfortable ride. The battery, which is located under the foot pedal and the position of the battery itself, lowers the center of gravity and gives you a more stable and safer ride. The high voltage power is due to the lithium battery and Smart Battery Management System (BMS) 6.0 means less maintenance, monitors the amount of energy, charging speed, prevents overcharging, etc.

There are three models on offer.
Model 110 comes in two options E110 and B110, the difference is in the power of the battery and therefore the shade is higher average speed. Model 125 has two batteries, higher power, and the ability to go up to 123Km without recharging the battery.

* SEGWAY eScooter B110S cena sa uključenim PDV-om 1.990 eura
* SEGWAY eScooter E110S cena sa uključenim PDV-om 2.990 eura
* SEGWAY eScooter E125S price including VAT 3.990 euros

You can meet all the models live in the showroom on the highway to Zagreb 32.

Tell us your impressions and send photos on our pages on Facebook and Instagram, and for more information about the model and its purchase, contact us via +38163359999