All Segway off-road models can now be found at the new sales venue in New Belgrade!

From now on, you can meet all Segway off-road models at the new sales venue on the location Autoput za Zagreb 32. The Snarler, Fugleman and Villain models are part of the permanent exhibition of the new ATV showroom, opened during April in New Belgrade. The newly opened showroom will be a favourite place for everyone who’s an adventure and adrenaline lover, and in addition to the models, complete accessories and parts await you here. If you opt for one of the listed models, you can count on the transport services of the vehicle to your address, if you are not able to drive it yourself.
Servicing and maintenance of your four-wheeler are also at your disposal. If you want to get to know the Snarler, Fugleman or Villain models better, Autoput za Zagreb 32 is your new address.

If you need more information, you can contact our sales department via phone number +38163359999.